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Gamer Joe [userpic]

Temp Site

December 14th, 2006 (08:40 pm)


That's the current temp site. No, I'm not going to waste time getting this going.

Right now I'm in the process of uploading the archives. The most recent update is up and the page is loading. I'm also looking into a couple options for alternative domain names (gamerjoe.com, gamerjoe.net, gamer-joe.com and .net are all taken. Maybe I can be an organization this time? gamerjoe.org didn't show as taken...)

I'm going to "fix" the links on the main page later to reflect the fact I don't have any of those sites anymore, but that's waiting until the update.

Gamer Joe [userpic]

Gamer Joe - WTH?!

December 14th, 2006 (08:13 pm)

Hopefully this gets to the right people...

As of today, the site is down. I've discovered what the problem is and... It turns out the company I registered my domain name with went and sold my domain.

As I was made to understand it, my renewal date was December 5th. I paid the renewal fee on the 6th (last Wednesday), but someone else had put a bid or somesuch on the name. My company opted to take their offer and everything got processed a week later (the 13th). So, at midnight the domain name I'd been using was no longer usable.

I'm looking into options to either get my domain name back or find some other means of getting my site online. I'll update more as I find out more.

Gamer Joe [userpic]

Gamer Joe - Random Writing

September 13th, 2006 (09:21 pm)

“If it weren’t for me, who would you be dating right now?”

Tom knew there were two possible answers to this: The truth or the answer he wouldn’t get hit for. He opted for the truth. “I’d be looking for Wendy again.”

For the briefest moment, Laurie looked like she would pummel Tom into retracting his answer. The moment passed, leaving behind a soft smile and a cuddling girlfriend. “You know, I still remember when you two broke up. I thought you’d be devastated, but you shrugged it off and went on out with another girl two days later. Yet after a month, you were always talking about Wendy. Was she your first?”

Tom gave a half-hearted chuckle. “No, that title goes to another. Wendy came a few years later.”

Laurie’s brow furrowed in concentration. “Ok, I know I didn’t keep up with the girls you dated, but I can’t remember you ever talking about having sex until Wendy. Who was she?”

“You sure you want to know? It doesn’t have a happy ending.”

“Of course it doesn’t. You’re with me now, so you had to have broken up with her. What happened?”

Tom tilted his head back against the couch’s head rest and stared at the ceiling. “Her name was Sue. She was the first girl gamer I met, a full year before I met you. She was in the other group I was in, with my old friends from Lynn.”

“The one with that guy G.R.?”

Tom nodded. “Yeah, that group. Sue and I got along great but didn’t start dating until I turned sixteen. She was a year older than me, but there was no weirdness about it. We dated for a year, then her parents had to move to Wyoming. She couldn’t afford to live on her own, so she was dragged along with them. Six weeks later, she committed suicide.”

Laurie was silent. What do you say to something like that? How do you respond? She tried to find the words to comfort Tom, but what was there to say?

“I mourned for a few years, but kept it inside. I never told any of you what happened to her, though James and Dan knew Sue moved. They just assumed we broke up. On the outside, I was just the same as I always was. Inside, I was two steps from trying to join her.”

This one, Laurie knew what to say to. “So what stopped you?”

“You did. Remember when I told you I was being kicked out of my apartment and you told me I could stay with you? You grabbed your brand new SUV, drove to the place I was staying, loaded all my stuff in the back, and drove it to your house while I was at work. You set up your spare room with all my stuff, even hooking up my computer. Then when I found a new place two months later but couldn’t afford the security deposit, you told me you “found” two hundred bucks in a pair of my pants you were washing. I bought it at the time because I do stupid shit like that, but Karrie told me a week later you’d given me your week’s paycheck. I knew at that moment I had a reason to live. I had my friends.”

Laurie felt conflicted between crying or kissing Tom. She never was good at making decisions, so she did both. “I’m glad I could help you when you needed it.”


Ah, Sue. How I miss her. It didn't feel right to have a story about gamers, with me as no less than two characters, without Sue getting mentioned at least once.

I'm not sure where this little bit would fit in the main story. I don't think it really matters much. It could have been when Tom and Laurie first started dating, it might be a few years in the future, or it could be in the current storyline. It doesn't much matter when it occured, just that it did.

I had this written for two weeks before finally posting it, and it was in my head longer than that. I hadn't been sure if I should throw it out there, but... Well, what else am I going to do with it?

Gamer Joe [userpic]

God in the Void

September 10th, 2006 (12:13 am)

The scientists told her the void of space was not empty, instead filled with background radiation and loose molecules and other shit. Terilla hadn’t paid much attention, figuring it never would matter in her life. Who cares if space is full of all this shit if you couldn’t use it? What did cosmic radiation matter when your ship was dealing with a faulty drive and the O2 levels were down to critical? Could you breathe void energy? Could it build a new converter?

But they were wrong. Space wasn’t empty, but it wasn’t just full of esoteric particles. God was in the void, hidden from the eyes of mortals. God was there and if you knew how, you could touch him. Embrace him. Love him.

And he would love you back.

It began with a routine inspection of a faulty drive. Terilla, the only one certified to handle the drive and a spacewalk, was prepping for EVA when the stellar engines blew, taking out the bulkhead with them. Of the six techs checking her seals, the three working the boards, and the two grunts doing heavy labor, only she was prepared for venting atmosphere.

It was a stupid mistake caused by lax standards. It had been fifteen years since a fatal decompression had occurred aboard a class three merchant ship. Everyone let slip some of the checks needed in case a critical issue occurred. Now it cost eleven good men their lives and would likely take her as well.

But it didn’t matter. Terilla saw God and knew he loved her.

When the decompression happened, her suit’s transceiver hadn’t been switched yet. Her comm was destroyed when she bounced off the tear in the hull. She had no way to tell the captain she was alive or where she was.

She saw the rescue vessel scanning the area for any survivors, but knew it was going through the motions. Dirtside, a rescue operation in open water could take a week. In the forests and mountains, it could take a month. Extra-atmospheric, you could search the same cubic mile for a year and not find anything smaller then fifty feet to a side if it didn’t send out a distress signal through a transceiver. And you couldn’t spend a year searching for survivors. SOP said you looked for half an hour then returned to base if you didn’t have a signal. The dead didn’t hit their distress call or comm their location.

But God answered all calls.

When the rescue boat turned back for the docks, Terilla understood she was dead. Her O2 hadn’t been recharged and the seals weren’t prepped. She’d vent what little oxygen she had left and no one was going to rescue her.

Then she was bathed in brilliant light, warm and inviting. Her body trembled; she felt her hair standing on end in the helmet. A voice rang out in her head, telling her she was safe and all would be well. The voice said He found her; there was nothing to worry about. Those who died were lost, but she was saved. She would be safe. She would live if she was strong.

* * *

Terilla awoke in the medical bay, her limbs strapped to the bed to prevent her from flailing off. Med bots hovered back and forth, checking on her vitals and making sure the tubes were in place. A doctor was standing at the end of the bed, looking down at his clip board and reading off Terilla’s stats to the ship’s captain. Terilla couldn’t make out the words, but she couldn’t think what else the doctor might be saying.

* * *

“Are you sure?”

The doctor looked from his board to the captain, weariness in his eyes. “Yes captain. Due to the sustained lack of oxygen, I’m afraid technician McClaim suffered brain damage. When she first came aboard, she was screaming that God had saved her, that he spoke to her. She wouldn’t calm down, so I gave her a sedative. Since then, she has floated in and out of consciousness with similar statements. I did a scan and it appears a portion of her brain suffered from oxygen deprivation. When we return home, they might be able to perform surgery to rectify the matter. She won’t be able to return to active duty this run and might need counseling hereafter.”

The captain nodded and walked out of the med bay.


This isn't at all serious (or good). It started as a joke with a friend ages ago, then came back in my head today after watching the shuttle launch. It isn't meant to be good, just a bit of random writing to kick this off.

There IS a story behind this. I was having a conversation with a friend about people seeing God and hearing him speak to them. We both wondered if any of them are really crazy or if god spoke to them through others. I then made the comment about how odd it was god only spoke to the people with brain damage.

From there, the conversation turned. What if it wasn't actually brain damage, but the only way we could recognize the touch of god was as damage? After all, when something out of the ordinary happens, the first reaction is to rationalize it as part of the ordinary. If you saw someone bleeding from the hands walking down the street, your first reaction isn't "STIGMATA!!!" It's "oh my god, I hope they're okay" or something along those lines. When someone performs faith healing, we nod and accept the mind is a powerful tool and the person healed believed strongly enough they were healed. So if we see part of the brain altered by an outside force, it must be broken.

So did Terilla hear the voice of God or was it the rescue crew speaking to her after taking her on board? How did they find her with no means to communicate and no signal pointing them in the right direction? Is God in the void?

Gamer Joe [userpic]

I still have no clue what to do with this account

September 7th, 2006 (08:13 pm)

current mood: exanimate

But I plan to do something with it. It was a pain in the ass to set it up, so I'm not about to abandon it yet. I'm thinking of throwing some of my short stories here, ones relating to Gamer Joe, but I hardly write those. Of course, that WOULD be more than I'm doing with this LJ currently...

Ah well, I'll think of something.

Gamer Joe [userpic]

The first week back

August 4th, 2006 (07:11 pm)

Well, some good and some bad for the first restart week. Mostly good and the main bad things couldn't be avoided, as they were out of my control entirely.

First the bad. Last night having no power meant I updated far too early. I got a few people who ended up missing the update from Wednesday due to the early update, but all understood and agreed it was more important to get the update up early than not at all. The other bad thing was the forum getting spambot attacked, but I've fixed the settings to mitigate it and blocked the email host who'd sent about 90% of the people.

But overall, it was damn good. I had everything written well in advance, got great feedback on each update, and it all felt natural once again. It's been so easy, in fact, I have a full week's worth of updates already written. Visit hits were almost as high as they were before I lost the old host two months back, so somehow people were made aware of the restart. And certainly, finding the old archive pages didn't hurt.

Overall, it's been a great experience. If things keep up like this, I'll never have the problems I had with the story before.

Gamer Joe [userpic]

We are online

August 1st, 2006 (01:33 am)

The first update for Gamer Joe since May is up. Go read if you like.

Gamer Joe [userpic]

The curcuit is now complete

July 29th, 2006 (12:46 am)

When I left you I was but a learner, now I am the master.

Yeah, the archives are now set. As set as they're going to be. Sometime soon I'll have an idea what to do with this LJ, but I don't have an idea yet.

Gamer Joe [userpic]

This update brought to you by... OH MY GOD, I'M GOING TO DIE!!!

July 27th, 2006 (06:41 am)

As those who've read the latest news on http://www.gamer-joe.com know, I discovered a way to recover all the old archives for the new site. This method is to run a search on "Gamer Joe Jade" (Done with the addition of Jade because all the pages had her name listed in a link and it kept me from finding non-GJ pages) and clicking the cached Google page for each and every update.

Needless to say, this is going to end in tears.

I have no idea how many pages I've copy/pasted thus far. It is, at minimum, 70. It has taken me two hours to get this far. There were 180 or so updates in the old archives. I have at least two more hours to go.

Because I finally realized I'd need to take breaks every so often, I'm going to post my pain in this journal as comments to this post. Follow the fun and excitement as I scream out my hatred for lost sanity and anguish at hours spent not on sleep, but copying text.

Gamer Joe [userpic]

Gamer Joe - The Return

July 20th, 2006 (03:43 am)

Yup, after a few months without a host, Gamer Joe returns to the internet.

Unfortunately, when the site went down, the host deleted all files. That in itself wouldn't be so bad if my hard drive hadn't crashed shortly thereafter, becoming utterly inaccessible and keeping me from reposting the original stories.

So, in some ways it's a fresh start, but not completely. Events previous to the restart still affect the story and some storylines I never got to will be wrapped up in the revision. There's been a few alterations in the lives of the cast in the intervening two months and those changes will definitely be addressed. Some people have left the spotlight of the story while others have come to the fore.

The official start date for the new story is August 1st. It'll start how all Gamer Joe stories have started: at a game.

So. New Gamer Joe, new-ish cast, new game, new site layout, same address. For those reading this who'd like to find that address, it's http://www.gamer-joe.com/ There's not a whole lot up right now, but there IS a site.

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